Tensor (2014) »
for small orchestra
2fl, 2ob, 2cl, 2bsn, 2hn, 2tpt, 2 perc, pn, hp, 76442
Concerto for Jouhikko and Chamber Orchestra (2013) »
solo jouhikko, fl, ob, 2cl, fg, hn, tbn, perc, pn, 11111
Cusp (2009) »
for chamber orchestra
fl, ob, cl, bass cl, bn, hn, tpt, tbn, pc, pn, 11111
Contrary (2007) »
for soprano and orchestra
sop, fl, ob, cl, bn, 2hn, tpt, tbn, pc, timp, hp, pn, 66543
Torsion (2007) »
for small orchestra
fl, ob, 2cl, bn, 2hn, tpt, tbn, 2pc, pn, 33321
Phases of Matter (2004) »
for soprano, percussion, and string orchestra
sop, 2pc, 55432