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An impeccable show of skill… The notes flowed seamlessly from the 12-member orchestra conducted by Sasha Mäkilä, sparkling, sizziling, jazzy, ripping, and digitized… The work mobilized a new opera audience of 20 to 40-year olds , who buzzed with satisfaction…. [Lovers of Mankind], with its subject and language shows opera to be legitimate art form even in the 21st century.”

– Annmari Salmela, “Emerging Creative Generation on Elegant Display in Nerd-Opera” Helsingin Sanomat (Finland’s preeminent newspaper), 10.2.2009

“Timothy Page’s Torsion, with it’s buzzing, twisting motions, industrial-like clatter, screeching and scraping, demonstrated an original, fiercely energetic timbral imagination

– Hannu-Ilari Lampila, “As Many Styles as Composers” Helsingin Sanomat, 26.11.2007

“Most memorable was the contribution of American Timothy Page, whose Contrary was especially stirring in its precision.

– Jukka Isopuro, “Tightly Packed Surprises, Exciting Discoveries” Helsingin Sanomat, 01.07.2007

“The Ears Open! society has seen waxes and wanes over its 30 year history. Their young composers’ concerts are a fine place be on the lookout for potential and surprises. In this concert Timothy Page’s Philomela stood out from an otherwise evenly listenable program. Ovid’s story tells of the rape victim Philomela, whose tongue has been severed. Consonants are missing, and vowels are indistinct. With these ingredients, a compact ensemble, and carefully weighed gesture, Page cultivated an erupting drama, doggedly seeking it’s own path of expression.”

– Jukka Isopuro, “Concert Offers One Surprise” Helsinsin Sanomat, 12.03.2007

“Timothy Page’s Suite for Piano was among the concert’s most titillating offerings. Page seems to have found an original world of expression, in which one enjoys harmonic color and varying forms of motion. Everything is proportional, well thought-out, and musical”

– Veijo Murtomäki, “Newest Ears Open! Generation in Fine Shape.” Helsingin Sanomat, 02.03.2004