Timothy Page composer

Curriculum Vitae

MM, Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, Finland 2001-2009
Masters studies in composition with Veli-Matti Puumala
5/5 (exceptional) on composition diploma

BA, Amherst College, Amherst, Massachusetts, USA 1993-1997
Bachelors studies in Physics
Phi Beta Kappa

Relevant Work Experience, Membership
Sibelius Academy, lecturer in music theory 2006-
Finnish Composers’ Society 2007-
International Society of Contemporary Music (ISCM),
Finnish Selection Committee 2010
Ears Open! New Music Society, vice president 2003-2006
University of California at Berkeley, physics instructor, lab researcher 1998-2000

Master Classes
Brian Ferneyhough, Roger Reynolds (June in Buffalo) 2015
Denys Bouliane, Martin Matalon (Domaine Forget, Quebec) 2009
Magnus Lindberg, Jouni Kaipainen (Sännäs) 2007
Tristan Murail 2006
Bent Sorensen 2006

Awards, Honors, Festival Invitations
International Computer Music Conference, Australia 2013
Sibelius Academy Debut Composer Concert, 2013
New York City Electronic Music Festival, 2013
Finnish Pro Musica Stependiate, 2012
Nordic Music Days, Reykjavik 2011
International Society of Contemporary Music (ISCM), Sweden 2009
Ung Nordisk Musik, Norway 2008
Ung Nordisk Musik, Denmark 2006
Tokyo International Chamber Music Composition Competition (3rd Prize) 2005
Ung Nordisk Musik, Sweden 2004
Ung Nordisk Musik, Norway 2003
Ung Nordisk Musik, Iceland 2002
US Fulbright Grant 2000

Recent Commissions
Hiljaisuus Festival – work for bandoneon, clarinet, and acrobat
fp. Hiljaisuus festival, Rovaniemi Finland, summer 2016
Shanna Gutierrez – work for solo open-holed quarter-tone bass flute,
fp 10.05.2015, Project Incubator, Chicago
Pasi Eerikäinen and Emil Holmström of Uusinta Ensemble – work for piano and violin, fp, tba.
Fanfare – for 6 piece women’s choir and chamber orchestra, commissioned for
inauguration of Klang! concert series in the new Helsinki Music Center, fp. Helsinki 7.09.2011
Helsinki Chamber Choir – 20 min piece for mixed chamber choir and electronics
fp. Helsinki, 2012
Steve Reich Guitar Ensemble – work for ten guitarists,
fp. Ja Kitara Soi! festival, Lapeenranta, 2013
Linnea Hurttia – concerto for violin and orchestra (fp. to be announced)
Uusi Carelia Trio: trio for harp, accordion, and guitar (fp. to be announced)
Tomas Gricius and Kristina Gricius – duo for organ and trumpet, (fp. to be announced)
Helsinki University of Technology – 80 min. opera,
fp. Helsinki University of Technology 100-year anniversary festival, 2009
Defun Ensemble: trio for flute, harp and electronics, fp. Helsinki, 2010
Jyrki Myllärinen and Tiina Pohjala – guitar duo, fp. Ja Kitara Soi festival, Lappeenranta 2007
Flute Quartet of Lithuania – flute quartet, fp. Druskomania festival, Lithuania 2006
Tiina-Maria Enckelmann – song for soprano and quintet,
fp. Women of Antiquity concert, Helsinki 2006
Olli-Pekka Tuomisalo – duo for drum set and saxophone, fp. Helsinki Musica Nova Festival 2006

Recent and Upcoming Performances
Humayun – for fl, cl, vn, cl, perc pn
Ostravska Banda, Ostrava Music Days, Ostrava CZ, 24.08.2015
Spindle – for solo bass flute
Shanna Gutierrez, Omaha Under the Radar, 10.07.2015
Humayun – for fl, cl, vn, cl, perc, pn
New York New Music Ensemble, June in Buffalo, 03.06.2015
Humayun – for fl, cl, vn, cl, perc, pn
fp. Eighth Blackbird, Univeristy of Chicago Contempo Series, 12.05.2015
Spindle – for solo bass flute
fp. Shanna Gutierrez, Project Incubator, 10.05.2105
Shout, murmur, wheeze – for saxophone and drumset,
Fulcrum Point New Music, 01.03.2015
Shout, murmur, wheeze – for saxophone and drumset,
North American premier, Fulcrum Point New Music, 23.02.2015
Sextet – for fl, vn, vc, perc, hp, pn
University of Chicago New Music Ensemble, Barbara Schubert, cond. 02.11.2014
Curl – trio, Ben Melsky and Shanna Gutierrez
University of Chicago Computer Music Studio Concert, 21.05.2014
Curl – trio, Kirsten Smith, Catherine Ashley, International Computer Music Conference, Perth, Australia
Profile concert, with Uusinta (Elinan Jukola, cond.), Defunensemble, Jyrkki Myllärinen, Ismo Eskelinen,
Ilkka Heinonen, Helsinki, 24.05.2013
works performed: Toccata – trio for halldorophone, electronics, and clarinet
Curl – trio for flute, harp, and electronics
Suite Cápsula – guitar duo
Concerto for Jouhikko and Chamber Orchestra (fp.)

Toccata – trio for halldorophone (electroacoustic cello-like instrument), clarinet, and electronics
New York Electroacoustic Music Festival, New York, 06.04.2013
Toccata – trio for halldorophone (electroacoustic cello-like instrument), clarinet, and electronics
Defunensemble, Nordic Music Days, Stockholm, Sweden, 10.10.1012
Between Hell and Earth – choral work for 16 singers, Helsinki Chamber Choir, Nils Schweckendiek cond.,
Helsinki Musica Nova festival, Helsinki, Finland, 16.02.2013
Cusp – premiere of version for jouhikko and chamber orchestra,
Caput Ensemble with Ilkka Heinonen, Nordic Music Days, Reykjavik 08.10.2011
Fanfare – members of Avanti!, Zagros, Defunensemble, and Helsinki Chamber Choir
Nils Schweckendiek, cond. Helsinki 7.09.2011
Curl – Defunensemble, Hanna Kinnunen Doctoral Recital, Helsinki, 25.05.2011
Kierros – trio, Mikko Raasakka, Gregory Barrett, Liisa Malmivaara, Turku 22.09.2010
Curl – Defunensemble, Tampere Biennale, Tampere, 18.04.2010
Curl – Defunensemble, Helsinki 09.03.2010
Kierros – trio, Uusinta/Ensemble Aleph joint concert, Helsinki, 13.02.2010
Kierros – trio, Uusinta/Ensemble Aleph joint concert, Paris, France 23.01.2010
Kierros – trio, Mikko Raasakka, Gregory Barrett
Clarinet Cornucopia festival, DeKalb, IL, USA, 02.07.2009
Philomela – sextet, Cikada Ensemble, International Society of Contemporary Music
(ISCM) Listen to the World! festival 10.15.2009, Växjö, Sweden
Cusp – Chamber Orchestra, Le Nouvel Ensemble Moderne, Lorraine Vaillancourt cond.
Domaine Forget – concert series St. Irénée, Quebec 08.18.2009
Kierros – trio Olli-Pekka Tuomisalo, Heikki Nikula, and Risto-Matti Marin
Time of Music Festival, Viitasaari, 02.07.2009
Philomela – sextet, Eija Räisänen with Zagros Ensemble, Anna-Maria Helsing cond., Helsinki 12.05.2009
Lovers of Mankind – appr. 80 min opera, Sasha Mäkilä, cond.
Helsinki University of Technology 100-year anniversary festival,
Espoo, 27-30.01.2009, Helsinki Musica Nova 8-11.02.2009
Kierros – Olli-Pekka Tuomisalo, Heikki Nikula, and Risto-Matti Marin
Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra Soloists concert series, Helsinki, 04.10.2008
Torsion – orchestral work, Oslo Academy Orchestra, Per Sigmund Thorp joht.
Ung Nordisk Musik festival, Oslo, 28.08.2008
Suite Cápsula – guitar duo, Siba Festival, Helsinki, 29.1.2008
Torsion – orchestral work, Chamber Orchestra UNKO, Jani Telaranta cond.
Ears Open! 30-year anniversary festival concert, Helsinki 24.11.2007
Suite Cápsula – guitar duo, Jyrki and Tiina Myllärinen, Ja Kitara Soi! festival, Lappeenranta, 20.10.2007
Contrary – miniature for orchestra and soprano, Avanti! Orchestra, Magnus Lindberg cond.
Suvisoitto Festival, Porvoo, 30.6.2007
Kierros – trio, Darkwood Consort, Boise, Idaho, USA 27.5.2007
Shout, Murmur, Wheeze – duo, Olli-Pekka Tuomisalo, Mika Kallio
Olli-Pekka Tuomisalo doctoral concert, Helsinki 22.3.2007
Torsion – orchestral work, Finland Radio Symphony Orchestra, Nils Schweckendiek cond.
Helsinki Musica Nova Festival, 15.3.2007
La Philosophie dans la Salle de Bains – sound installation, Helsinki Art Academy Gallery 14.3.2007
Philomela – sextet, Anna Koivula and ensemble, Nazanin Aghakani cond.
Helsinki Musica Nova, 10.3.2007