Between Hell and Earth (2012) 20′
for 16 solo singers and electronics
commissioned by Nils Schweckendiek and the Helsinki Chamber Choir
premiered 16.2.2013, Helsinki Musica Nova

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Helsinki Chamber Choir
Nils Schweckendiek, cond.

“a dark illimitable ocean without bound, without dimension…”
(Milton, Paradise Lost )

Between Hell and Earth is born of my fascination with the powerful second chapter of Paradise Lost – 17th century English poet John Milton’s poetic-epic elaboration of the biblical Fall of Man – which describes Satan’s journey out of Hell en route to corrupt Eden. Between Hell and Earth, in Milton’s theology, lies the entropic netherworld of Chaos, through which Satan must navigate to reach his goal. Especially captivating in this section of the poem, in addition to its shear linguistic force, is the implicit notion of ambiguous deliverance: to be freed from the tortures of hell only to be confronted by a vast abyss of the unknown.