La Philosophie dans la Salle de Bains (2007)
sound, lighting, and sculpture installation, with Pasi Rauhala and Sinem Ilgit Baykal
opening 14.3.2007, Finnish Academy of Fine Arts

La Philosophie dans la Salle de Bains is a site-specific, but transportable work integrated into a space known to be conducive to philosophical rumination: the bathroom. As a viewer enters the otherwise dark space, she is drawn around a corner by the sound of a shower, which turns out to be a downward cone of light (left).

vessa 1 vessa 2

When approached, the light source dims, and the sound of the shower travels to the opposite end of the space, which is gradually illuminated (right). If these lights are in turn approached, a multichannel philosophy lecture on intentionality ensues, surrounding the viewer from all sides.

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At any point, curiosity my or may not lead the viewer into a bathroom stall, where she might receive a more private lecture. Exiting the space resets it to its initial state. Lighting design by Pasi Rauhala, with bathroom sculpture by Sinem Ilgit Baykal